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Wines with Character

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Taste Drink Think is my approach to reviewing wines. I realize that no two people taste or smell the same thing, and that my (aroma and flavor) perceptions are subjective. For this reason, these wine reviews will be hedonistic versus empirical in nature. 

What interests me is the “character” of the wine and its relevance to the brand. Is the wine well structured and balanced, persistent, and complex? How is its freshness and texture?

What’s important here is what the winemaker is trying to achieve, and if it is emblematic and representative of their winemaking philosophy, brand style, and identity as a winemaker. 


Samples Policy

For Winemaker Interviews – one wine (2 Bottles) is required with each interview. Participating wineries may send up to 2 additional wines which will be reviewed separately on this page. 

Other wineries – if you are not participating in interviews, and would like to send samples, I will review up to 3 wines on this page. Please contact me below to request Samples Policy, Requirements & Shipping Information.

General Information – Samples submissions are accepted from any wine region and type of wine. Shipping is to a commercial wine warehouse. There are no fees for reviews.

Please check the FAQ Page for additional sampling information.