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Meet The Wine Characters

There are an estimated 10,000 wineries in the U.S.A alone, and countless producers in Europe, South America, Africa and scattered throughout the world. How does a wine consumer know where to begin? How about starting with the stories of the people behind the wine brand and, of course with their wines?

These are the characters behind the wines, those impassioned individuals that persist in their craft despite great odds. I’ll ask them three pointed questions about why makes their brand and wines special. I hope you are compelled to learn more and taste their art.

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Jenna Davis, DuMOL

Jenna Davis, winemaker at DuMOL grew up in Dayton, Ohio. Her fascination with horticulture and microbiology met an early visit to California wine country and a long term interest in...

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Joe Ginet, Plaisance Ranch

Joe Ginet, Plaisance Ranch

Bio – Joe Ginet is the 3rd generation “Joe” winemaker in the Ginet Family. He graduated UC Davis and started milking dairy cows on today’s farm in 1979. In 1998,...

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Aaron Lieberman, Iris Vineyards

Bio – Aaron is the 15-year winemaker for Iris Vineyards, and much more. He’s a veteran of Peace Corp Guatemala, where he learned Spanish and taught farming practices as a...

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