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What you need to know – for Wineries, Winemakers, and Wine & Travel Media

My goal for this program is to put you in front of wine media – writers, journalists and reviewers – in a positive way, increasing your visibility and chances of getting  featured. Your commitment is to thoughtfully complete a three-question interview.

This project is about helping winemakers and wineries get their stories out to the media at no cost other than their time and samples of the one most representative wine of your brand.

Who can request an Interview? Winegrowers, Vigernons, Winemakers and Owners are all qualified for Wine Character Interviews. 

Please email me at with your contact information, winery website, questions, and any background you’d like to share. Upon review, I will confirm acceptance and send you the questions form and samples information. 

You can also reference published interviews on the WineCharacters page in the interim. Thanks for your interest in sharing your story and building your wine brand.

Vineyards have terroir. Winemakers have stories. The goal of this interview series is to get your stories out there to the media.          

Terroir of vineyards and philosophies of winemaking are important, but people want to know what you and your winery stand for as part of their purchase decisions. They want the whole package, not just a branded SKU on a shelf. Consumers want to know who is behind the bottle, and they want to support wineries that align with their values. Stories get that information out and make wine interesting for all cohorts – wine writers, buyers and consumers. Stories are the basis for connection, editorially and commercially. 

Fine wine may be commoditized, but people? Never. It’s our stories that keep us alive, forever.

My mission is simple: use my long experience as a winery publicist, to make it easy for wineries to get your story out to the mediaThis is a passion project for me, based on 15 years of having a PR and media relations agency, and as a writer in “our industry”. It’s a small contribution or give back to wineries I know, have worked with, and those I hope to meet in the future.

This project highlights the trend toward supporting “Maker” brands versus corporate “Branded” wineries. Consumers today are trending toward wanting to buy the whole package, not just the juice. Story-driven small production wineries can offer approachability, context, authenticity and direct access to experiences.

Wine Characters are the “people behind the bottle”. I’m being a little cheeky in using alliteration for this website. 

Wine Characters” are the winemakers being interviewed. “Wines with Character” refers to their wines which I will review. 

And by the way, I’ll be using a photo filtering app to turn their high resolution headshots into “Caricatures“.

The questions are designed to pique the interest and inquiry of the wine (and travel) media. They are looking for unique story angles. Winemaker stories and the winery’s brand identity and messaging are what sets you apart. All questions are intended to create interest in learning more about you, driving media to your website (and hopefully finding what they seek there), resulting in future inclusion in their editorial.

Your responses should be thoughtful and impactful, resulting in messages that resonates and are memorable. This exercise is worth the effort because messaging that is clear and concise is sticky and lasting. There is typically just “one thing” that really stands out. One point of difference.

See the FAQ “Request an Interview” and I will email you the interview questions and instructions.

Interviews will be distributed to my custom database of over 2,000 wine writers and 1,000 travel writers, in hopes to catching writer’s attention, and to bring light to your unique stories and brand. 

Links to your Winery Website are included, and a Contact Email (either the winemaker, or staff) to help facilitate media contact for additional questions and request for information. Think of it as a simple no cost way to get your story out there in the media. 

The culmination of all that I’ve learned in 15 years of PR/media relations – both from winery clients and wine media friends – is that authentic engagement begins with conversation. My wine writing and interviewing experience, puts me in a unique position to bridge the gap between winery’s most important asset – their winemaker stories – and the wine and travel media.

These interviews are designed to create content for my own editorial efforts and platforms, and also for the winemakers and wineries that participate. Winery’s can share and promote the interviews in their direct to consumer marketing programs, with the added benefit of having the interviews cross linked to other wine and travel consumer articles I have or will be writing. 

There are only 3 questions, but they are profoundly different than most interview questions you may have been asked. They require thought and maybe collaboration with owners of the brand and the marketing team. These are not viticulture or enology questions, but rather, what’s special about the winemaker and your winery brand. There may be a bonus question if there is something extra I feel compelled to ask, or that you’d like to cover. There is no cost other than shipping  the one wine that is most representative of your brand. The wine review will be included in the interview.

For All Wineries – prior to shipping wine – please contact Carl Giavanti with questions and to confirm contact and shipping information at or call 971-221-4212. I will send the samples policy and requirements documentation. 

Wine Reviews and additional sampling information can be found here:

For Wineries participating in the Interviews – the “one” wine (2 Bottles) is required and will be reviewed as part of the published winemaker interview. Additional wines (up to 2) may be reviewed upon request, and will appear in the Wine Reviews section, and not part of the original winemaker interview.

Wine writers and journalists – This is a service to help wine and travel journalists easily identify people and wineries worth writing about. My objective with this project is to curate stories from wineries I find interesting, many of whom I have met in person. Please note – I am not pitching or representing clients or regions – simply sharing my interviews and making it easy for you to identify great stories and connect with great people.

As part of the media community, you will receive monthly newsletters with new winegrower interviews profiling specific “Wine Characters”. I hope you find these story leads informative and useful in developing your own story ideas, and as a pitch tools for future assignments. Feel free to contact me with suggestions, referrals, questions or requests.

If you would like to see new interviews posted real time, please follow me at @CarlGiavanti on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & maybe even X. I encourage you to sign up for the newsletter if you are not already receiving it. 

U.S. or International Wine Regions are welcome to contact me regarding upcoming visits or press trips. My Wine Travel articles are published on a few different platforms, as well as this website. Winemaker interviews will be offered to each of the wineries visited. Please contact me for additional information and availability. 

Media Inquiries – please contact Carl Giavanti Consulting at or call 971-221-4212

Winery Inquires – please contact Carl Giavanti at or call 971-221-4212