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Who are these Wine Characters, and why should I care?

For the Media

Wine Characters are Winemakers with unique and interesting stories to tell. They believe that their brand values, transparency regarding their practices and what they support, and professional insights matter to you as much as the quality of their wines. You’ll get to know their inside stories and perspectives, their wines of character, and what makes their brand unique. 

I aim to publicize and share these producer personalities and their stories, hoping you find them as intriguing as I have, and worthy of your editorial pursuits. These wine industry leaders would love to hear from you. Consider these interviews your invitation to work with them. See FAQ/Media Resources for more.

For Wineries

This is a 3-question Interview, with an Optional Bonus Question.

I’ll distribute your interviews to wine, travel, and lifestyle media to get your story out there. Additionally, you can use your interview as content for social and digital marketing. And, there is no cost or catch. Interested? Go to the FAQ Page to request an Interview.

Characters with Wine

Vineyards have terroir. Winemakers have stories.

While important, the goal of these interviews is not to understand the terroir of vineyards or philosophies of winemaking, but rather, the stories of the winemakers and their brands. Stories make wine interesting and resonate with wine writers, buyers, and consumers who want to know who’s behind the bottle, and what they believe and support. Stories form the basis for connection, both editorially and commercially. Thus, what’s Your Story?

Jenna Davis, DuMOL

Jenna Davis, winemaker at DuMOL grew up in Dayton, Ohio. Her fascination with horticulture and microbiology met an early visit to California wine country and a long term interest in...

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Joe Ginet, Plaisance Ranch

Joe Ginet, Plaisance Ranch

Bio – Joe Ginet is the 3rd generation “Joe” winemaker in the Ginet Family. He graduated UC Davis and started milking dairy cows on today’s farm in 1979. In 1998,...

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Aaron Lieberman, Iris Vineyards

Bio – Aaron is the 15-year winemaker for Iris Vineyards, and much more. He’s a veteran of Peace Corp Guatemala, where he learned Spanish and taught farming practices as a...

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